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Model Training

“First impressions are lasting, make the most of yourself”

This course is designed for individuals who have completed the Deportment and Finishing Course, gained confidence and knowledge of personal style and presentation, deportment and how to hold one’s self.

Designed for those individuals interested in the modeling industry, whether it be for personal gain, to gain knowledge for behind the scenes, in front of the camera or on the catwalk.
The Model Training course intensively instructs subjects ranging from the very basics through to the extensively disciplined techniques required by a professional model.

Upon completion of this course students should have an understanding and confidence in execution of catwalk techniques, photographic posing, and basic casting on camera techniques.

As we understand the busy lifestyles people lead today, we offer the choice to partake the course either over the school holiday periods or choose a part time option held on Tuesday nights or Saturday afternoons over 8 weeks, You have the option to choose which course suits your needs and time table.

  Subject taught

• Deportment revision

• Catwalk techniques – steps 2 – 4

• Catwalk posing

• Mock Parade

• Studio and parade backroom etiquette

• Showings and salon modelling

• Photographic and catwalk make up application

• Model hair and styling

• Casting for model bookings.

• Casting for television commercials

• Photographic posing – Level 2

• Photographic studio session – You will partake in a two look studio photo shoot – to the value of $267.00.

• Graduation routines and preparation

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