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General Information

The Tamblyn Young  Model Discovery Celebrates its 29th Birthday in 2017, in that time the model search has become a fabulous icon and has propelled Young hopeful models into become top international models gracing the covers and runways of New York,Paris,London and Milan.

The Young Model Discovery is a charity event, over the years we have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to our chosen charities.
Over the past few years, after seeing a great need for help, we began raising much needed funds for the CHILDHOOD CANCER SUPPORT INC. 
The organisation began in 1975 when a group of parents with children undergoing treatment for leukaemia & cancer, at the Royal Children's Hospital in Brisbane, decided to meet formally to discuss ways in which they could help each other and their children.

Some parents were from country areas and were concerned with the problems associated with obtaining treatment for their children. Financial and emotional support, the provision of accommodation for country families and improvement of treatment facilities were the major aims of the initial group.

Added to these aims were further research and public education. As more children began to survive due to the continuing improvement in treatment techniques, questions about quality of life and future prospects for the children were recognised as increasingly important.

Although the outlook for children is more optimistic, the fact remains that children still die. Many of their active members are parents and relatives of these children and support for them remains one of their concerns. From the first group of a few concerned parents, the organisation has now expanded and membership is made up of people from all over Australia who share the organisation’s aims and concerns.

Their mission and ethos though have not changed - they are still families helping families - a charity with a heart and understanding, working to support others going through a very traumatic, life-threatening and life-changing time of their lives.

The Young Model Discovery is held in participating shopping centers throughout Queensland over a 5 month period open to age groups 5 – 19 years.  Click Here to see Event Schedule.

Open to both male and female

Juniors 5 – 11 years
Intermediates 12 – 14 years
Seniors 15 – 19 years

A $20.00 Registration fee along with the entry form is required at the time of Registration of your chosen Heat and Shopping Centre.

Proceeds are in aid of the Childhood Cancer Support Inc.

A select amount of entrants will be chosen from the heats to continue onto the semi final.

4 Grand Finalists from each division of the Semi Final event will then be chosen to continue onto the Grand Final event.

2 x wildcard positions will also be made available per venue.


Junior Photographic Winner,
Junior Runway Winner

Intermediate Photographic winner,
Intermediate Runway Winner

Senior Photographic Winner, 
Senior Runway Winner

International Winner - Chosen from either the Intermediate OR Senior Division

Please feel free to enter as many times as you like. 
 In our eyes you are already a winner! 
Tamblyn Models strongly believe that participating in events and new ideas, encourages you to strive and grown in life, you learn something new every time you step out of your comfort zone. 
We encourage young people to get out there and give anything they believe in a go!! 
Go participate in life!

Please remember this is a competition, with a purpose, raising funds for the Childhood Cancer Support Inc.

If you don’t succeed in going through to either the Semi Final or the Grand Final, remember to be a good sport, congratulate those who did, and then congratulate yourself for participating.
Remember don’t enter a competition expecting to win, enter a competition for the life experience and the growth in your character.

The Young Model Discovery couldn’t operate without the help of our amazing sponsors and participating shopping centres, many who have been loyal contributors over the years, donating wonderful prizes, time and energy into the Young Model Discovery.

We also have to thank the countless amounts of volunteers including the wonderful Tamblyn Management staff and Models who give themselves wholeheartedly for 5 months of the year, every year volunteering their time and energy.

At each Registration Desk and at the Tamblyn Management office in Spring Hill, Brisbane, you will find a Money Tin, any spare change you would like to offer to the Childhood Cancer support Inc, would be greatly appreciated.

Proceeds are in aid of the Childhood Cancer Support Inc.